About Us

Our History

Lance Friday has been a pillar in the new home construction industry for over 25 years.   Starting in Midland in the 1980’s, then teaming up with Barney Brock in Wichita Falls, Texas.  Lance Friday built starter homes, retirement homes, and million dollar homes, for the people of Midland and Wichita Falls,Texas.  Lance being a native of Midland, grew up with the “Can do” attitude.  Having been awarded the prestigious “First Family of Midland” award in 2009, just signifies the Lance Friday Homes commitment to its customers and fellow citizens.

Our Commitments

To provide a model experience for our clients, suppliers and associates that is based on integrity, honesty and professionalism.

To always be available for our homebuyers and to treat them and everyone with whom we are associated with the utmost respect while providing an experience that will be enjoyed by all.